Chapter One

Welcome to Chapter One

where grand adventures begin…

Have you ever wondered where to start your sojourn into New Pulp Fiction? Does the list of great novels, anthologies and shorts seem daunting?

Well, we’re here to help!

This page will act as your tour guide leading you through doors to a wild variety of amazing new worlds.

Just as movies and TV shows have trailers to whet your appetite, Chapter One exists to give you a taste of New Pulp works for free. Follow the links below to read the first chapter in a New Pulp tale. By doing so, you’ll get an introduction to the author, their vision for the story, why they think you’ll enjoy it and best of all the entire Chapter One of the spotlighted adventure.

Every month we’ll open a new door.

Click the links below:

D.C. Jones and Adventure Command International

by Jim Beard

The Damned Thing

By Barry Reese

Snow Falls

by Bobby Nash

Hawk: Hand of the Machine

By Van Allen Plexico