Titan Books To Publish New Conan Prose Stories

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Novel and Short Stories Will Not Stray from the Canon. Posted by Brigid Alverson on June 11, 2021 @ 1:04 pm CT

Titan Books and Conan Properties have signed a deal for a new program of prose fiction about Conan, the iconic sword-and-sorcery character created by Robert E. Howard, to be published under the Perilous Worlds imprint. The first fruits of the deal will be a novel and two short stories that will be published in 2022 to coincide with the 90th anniversary of Howard’s first Conan story in December 1932. The first novel is scheduled to be published in trade paperback and digital editions in September 2022. The short stories will be digital only, and the first one is planned for May 2022. The new works will stay within the established Conan canon.

Perilous Worlds is an imprint of Cabinet Entertainment, which is the official licensor of the Conan rights from Conan Properties International (see “Conan Ownership Changes Hands”). Titan and Perilous Worlds also have plans to publish novels and short stories about Howard’s other creations, including Kull the Conqueror, Solomon Kane, and Dark Agnes. 

Howard’s Conan character has spawned not only novels but comics, games (see “Cabinet Entertainment Launching Game Line”), figures (see “Conan Comes to ‘Minicrate’”), and other merch, and a Netflix series is being developed. More than 50 Conan novels by writers other than Howard have been published in the past by a variety of publishers. On Twitter, Cabinet President and CEO Fredrik Malmberg noted that Titan editor Steve Saffel, who edited the Robert E. Howard library at Del Rey, will once again be collaborating on Conan properties; Malmberg called him “One of the most experienced Editors around.”

Airship 27 presents C.O. Jones



C.O. JONES – Hometown U.S.A.

Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the release of the fourth installment of writer Fred Adams Jr.’s action packed C.O. Jones series.

When things in L.A. get a little too hot for C.O. Jones, a change of scenery is in order and he’s only to happy to return to Brownsville, PA at the summons of his old boss, Mobster Skitch Mottola.   Several unknown men have attacked local business to include a half-hearted attempt on the bank. All the incidents seem random and unconnected, but Skitch believes another gang is attempting to surreptitiously take over his territory by causing criminal mischief. He wants Jones to find out who they are, who they work for and how to stop them.

It seems simple enough until Jones recognizes the attacks perpetrated by these mystery men are all familiar military tactics and he comes to the startling conclusion that the group they are dealing with is made up of war veterans. Now things are really going to get complicated.

Airship 27 Production’s Art Director Rob Davis provides the cover and interior illustrations.


Available now from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.



Authors: Jeff Limke, Danielle DeLisle, Thea Hutcheson

Cover art: Eddy Newell

Interior Art: Sergio Ibanez

86pgs, squarebound, 6” x 9”, b/w, $7.99

UPC: 685239899993

New pulp fiction thrills with Airboy, Senorita Scorpion, and Bambi Forest!

In Airboy #4 from 1943, Airboy escaped death at the hands of a German spy who was also a Hollywood producer.  What Airboy didn’t know is the producer had already given secret plans to his Nazi contact. 

Senorita Scorpion tracks down horse-rustlers near her beloved Big Bend. Will Senorita end up roped and branded herself? Or will she teach these scoundrels to let wild horses roam free?

  1. Kolchak Presents: Adventures of the Night Stalkers

Written by: Steven Grant, Justin Gray, etc 

Cover: Glen Ostrander

Interior Art: Tom Mandrake, Lee Ferguson, etc

260pgs, squarebound, b/w, 7” x 10”, $24.99

          ISBN: 978-1-944017-28-652499

Showcasing Kolchak’s new team of investigators: this book collects the previously published comic book adventures of Mr Keen: Tracer of Lost Persons, hardboiled senior citizen private eye Pat Novak, Ex-SAS agent Blackshirt, and zen-spy-master Flint!

New Pulp Artist Howard Simpson Wins More Awards!

Arcadia Artist Wins Award for Illustration Work
ARCADIA, CA, May 10, 2021

Artist Howard Simpson has received the 2020 Pulp Factory Award for BEST PULP INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS  for his art on  the paperback novel “Bulldog Drummond: On Poisoned Ground.”

Published by Airship 27 Productions, the art is for the new pulp genre of publishing with full-page illustrations like those of the original pulps from the 30s and 40s. Cultural critic Michael A. Gonzales says, “New Pulp represents a way for 21st-century creators to update concepts of heroes, crime fiction and science fiction for a new audience. New Pulp doesn’t reject the “old,” but instead builds on those foundations while offering a fresh perspective. For me, New Pulp is a world unafraid of diversity, but still seeks truth, justice, and knocking the hell out of bad people.”

Simpson has been creating illustrations professionally since his college days.  His clients include Time Warner, Disney, Random House, Simon & Schuster, among others. He teaches digital art at Golden West College and previously taught comic book art at The Kubert School. He continues to provide illustrations for clients and self-publish his books. You may see his work at

Simpson recently completed drawings for a Bass Reeves anthology.


MOONSTONE DOUBLE FEATURE April ’21:2 brand new novellas!GREEN HORNET by Mel ODom, andIV FROST by Ron Fortier!Interior art by Sergio Ibanez.cover art by Malcolm McClinton.

KOLCHAK: Strangled by Deathnew novella by Will McDermott!Cover art by Mark Maddox.

DOMINO LADY: Threesome tpb2 collected comic stories, and 3 BRAND NEW ONES byNancy Holder and Bobby Nash.Cover art: Glen Fernandez.


Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the release of writer Nancy Hansen’s newest fantasy saga.

In the far distant future the Earth has long been abandoned with the majority of mankind traveling to the stars to discover new worlds. Whereas old hatreds continue to fester among those who remain until a global nuclear war lays waste to everything. Hundreds of years later a demigod named Jordyn Orian descends on what remains to discover new human enclaves have sprung up among which are men and women possessing strange, supernatural abilities.

One of these is the young fire-starter Alita Kalama and together they battle the Angel of Death in the ruins of a once great Metropolis. Later they join forces with a lovely Wind Shaper to take on a merciless sea pirate known as Crazy Katy. 

“The old phrase about throwing everything into the mix including the kitchen sink was the reaction I had when reading this book,” reports Airship 27’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Nancy Hansen is a treasure to the New Pulp community and her work is always fresh, exciting and above all else original. ‘Silver Pentacle’ is nothing like her previous works and we are very excited to be bringing it to her legions of readers.”

Master Storyteller Nancy Hansen launches her most imaginative series yet in “The Silver Pentacle.” These are fantastic tales from a time and place lost to the future.

Colorado based artist Guy Davis provides both the interior illustrations and the painted cover, while book design was handled by Art Director Rob Davis. 


Available now from Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of popular pulp writer Fred Adams Jr’s latest horror thriller, “Fangs of the Sea.”

At the height of the Spanish Inquisition, a large number of the faithful fled Spain and the corrupted church to find haven and new lives on a chain of small islands south of Cuba. There, under the guidance of their priest, Father Beppo, they established peaceful fishing villages that would sustain them in both body and soul. It was their small piece of an earthly heaven.

Then black sails appeared on the horizon, furled from the masts of an unholy ship called Votrelec and captained by Varleck, a vampire pirate. Ever on the hunt for fresh bodies to man his crew of the undead, the blood hungry monster is delighted when discovering the unprotected islands. He is overconfident in his dark powers. Soon realizes the villagers, under the guidance of the old cleric, have no intention of succumbing to his monstrous will.  And so the endless battle of good versus evil is joined. But who will emerge victorious and who will fall when the seas run red with blood?

“Vampire pirate!” exclaims Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “What more did we need to know? The second Fred Adams began to relate the plot, I could already envision what he was about to unleash on his army of loyal fans. And of course he delivered far and above what we had imagined. This one is truly unique.”

Art Director Rob Davis provided the black and white interior illustration and the amazing Adam Shaw the creepy beautiful cover. Fans of both vampire and pirate tales can now come together and enjoy what is destined to be a bonafide pulp classic from a master storyteller.


Available now from Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.


Valhalla Books Heralds A New Daybreak!

Valhalla Books is excited to share for the first time ever award winning Author Josh Vasquez’s new book A New Daybreak is coming soon! You can check out the series on Amazon.

A New Daybreak
Go West. Less people, less zombies.
That was the lie that Jeremy Riggins and the group of survivors he was with believed would be their salvation.

Now, he found himself separated from his friends, their safe haven burnt to the ground, and the darkness of the zombie apocalypse setting in.

Reunited with his estranged father, Jeremy is reluctant to believe in the hope of the survivor’s colony in Savannah, GA. He and his band of survivors tried like hell to escape the zombie hordes in the city; he had no desire to go back.

But that’s the thing about Savannah. You can leave, but she’ll always find a way to bring you back.
In this third entry of the Savannah Zombie Series, pick up where A New Darkness left off and find out if Jeremy, Lexx, and Tori can find one another and survive A New Daybreak.
What people are saying about the first book in the Savannah Zombie Series, A New Death on Amazon:

“blood, guts, and lighthearted humor wrapped up in a sweet Savannah package”

“a character driven tale and it works well”

“I could not put this book down I think this is the fastest I’ve read a book”

IDW Announces The Art of Pulp Fiction

This must have for pulp fans was announced on ICv2 this morning:

IDW Publishing will release The Art of Pulp Fiction, a definitive visual history of paperbacks from 1940 to 1970, in September.  The 240-page, 9.75″ x 11″ hardcover will include over 500 covers and cover paintings, many of which have not been reproduced since the books were first released.  Images were collected from some of the largest American paperback collections and curated with rarity, as well as graphic appeal, in mind.

Ed Hulse, whose The Art of the Pulps was also published by IDW, provides the individual chapter introductions and captions, while genre specialists and art aficionados contribute features on authors, artists, publishers, and sub-genres.  Richard A. Lupoff, author of The Great American Paperback, provides an Introduction.

MSRP for this important new book in an era of booming collectible interest will be $49.99.

Josh Vasquez’s Savannah Zombie Novel Series Book 2 is out today

We are excited to announce Author Josh Vasquez’s Savannah Zombie Novel Series Book 2 is out today!


In the thrilling continuation of the Savannah Zombie series, Jeremy, Lexx, and Tori made it out of Savannah alive. But is it any better away from the city and in the Georgia countryside? Now that they are teamed up with a truck driver named Josh, will they find Josh’s family and a safe place from the undead? Will life be able to return to some kind of normality? Even if that normality involves splitting open some rotten skulls? In the second installment of this zombie thriller series, see if our trio has what it takes to continue to survive in the zombie apocalypse!

What people are saying about A New Death on Amazon:

“blood, guts, and lighthearted humor wrapped up in a sweet Savannah package”

“a character driven tale and it works well”

“I could not put this book down I think this is the fastest I’ve read a book”