Airship 27 announces DEADLY SHADOWS by Teel James Glenn




Jon Shadows, son of a fabled adventurer and mysterious female ninja assassin, courts danger wherever he goes. In this volume he takes on two new challenges, both of which could prove the final chapter of his daring exploits.

First, while visiting the alluring Flora Temple in New Orleans, a random act of violence leads them into a tangle of murder, robbery and more. Next he is contacted by the widow of a former Marine buddy who suspects her husband death was orchestrated by a billionaire genius sequestered on Wolf Island, a bizarre medieval fortress built on a remote island.

Award winning writer Teel James Glenn offers up double the thrills and daring-do synonymous with the one and only Jon Shadows. Pulp Factory Award winning artist Rob Davis provides the cover and Tedd Lehman.


Moonstone News: Kolchak 50th, Lone Ranger, Xal-Kor

We are launching a very special Kickstarter campaign for the all new
KOLCHAK 50th Anniversary graphic novel!

Contributions from: Peter David, Nancy Collins, Kim Newman, Rodney Barnes, Jonathan Maberry, Jerry Ordway, David Avallone, and more!Follow the campaign (cut & paste) here:
For more on the campaign (cut & paste):

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Moonstone Triple Threat Nov ’21: includes a new RANGER story by James Reasoner, the FIRST appearance of Nancy Holder & Alan Phillipson’s JOHNNY FADE, and GOLDEN AMAZON/GLADIATOR by Mike Bullock!For Triple Threat shortcut:
The Return of Xal-Kor, the Human Cat!A one shot combo of comics and illustrated fiction by Gary Phillips!For XAL-Kor shortcut:
Previous New ReleasesThe GREEN HORNET: How Sweet the Stingwritten by Jim BeardA new (prose)novella: ex soldier falls in with wrong crowd, gets sent packing by the Green Hornet, and ends up…falling in love with Miss case?ALSO available as a HC!
LIONS,TIGERS, & BEARS! exclusive very Limited Edition HC: All of the critically acclaimed, all ages comic series written by Mike Bullock in one big tome! NEVER collected into one volume before!
KOLCHAK & the Night Stalkers: Partners in Crimenew edition of the first time team up prose novella by CJ Henderson!Brand new cover by Glenn Ostrander and a new Kolchak short story that never made it into the original volume! Featuring: Kolchak, Pat Novak, Johnny Dollar, Blackshirt, Mr Keen, and more!
Moonstone TRIPLE THREAT:brand new prose tales of Airboy, Senorita Scorpion, and a new character Bambi Forest! auhors: Jeff Limke, Danielle Delisle, & Thea Hutcheson.
Moonstone KGB NOIR HC:This exclusivevolume collects the six back up comic features for the Phantom Noir mini series. Stories include: Kolchak, Captain Action, Domino Lady and more.THANK YOU!!

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A Novel of Altiva

Airship 27 Production is excited to announce the release of a new fantasy adventure novel by award winning New Pulp author Teel James Glenn, “Dragonthroat.” This is the first tale set in the other-world of Altiva. In the grand tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Glenn weaves a fast paced, colorful yarn set in a truly amazing new world.

Vietnam veteran T.K. Mitchell never thought of himself as anything other than a former grunt doing his best to get by from day to day. Life was boringly routine until the appearance of an old woman calling herself Meegana Kakdon claiming to be a Warp Wizard.

She informs T.K. that he was actually born on another world called Altiva located in a different dimension than ours. A world in which his parents ruled. But traitorous foes plotted to overthrow them and before their deaths, they sent their baby to Earth. Now the time has come for T.K. to return to Altiva and claim his birthright. 

In the blink of an eye, and very much against his will, T.K. is warped into a strange alien landscape with two suns, one red and one blue. Soon he encounters a warrior priest known as the Reverent Lord Enrique, the Shoutte of the Shoutte. Realizing the young man is a warp orphan, the cleric decides to be his guide. Day by day, T.K. begrudgingly comes to admire this strange and exotic world. A world filled with both beauty and danger to include the Royal Usurper who will stop at nothing to find and destroy him.

Artist Chris Nye provides the black and white interior illustrations and Award Winning Art Director Rob Davis the cover. Burroughs fans are going to enjoy this new series and rest assured there are many more Altiva stories on the way.  


Available now in paperback from Amazon and soon on Kindle.


DOMINO PATRICK : daughter of the Domino Lady

Edited by: David Boop & Nancy Holder

6” x 9”, 210pgs, $13.99

ISBN: 978-1-944017-98-91399

Domino Patrick, the daughter of the original Domino Lady, takes over for her mom in the swingin’ sixties as a Private Eye. Be it drugs, human trafficking, or unsolved Hollywood murders, Domino will use her guile and skills to track her prey from the shadows to Rodeo Drive. Nothing stops her when she’s on assignment, and nothing keeps her from a good time, afterward. She is her mother’s daughter, after all!

Action, adventure, and mystery abound in these ALL NEW tales of Domino and her dog “Lady”!

Plus a full length team up with The Green Hornet!

Stories by: Dan Johnson, David Boop, Michael A. Black, Mel Odom, Colin B. Harvey, CJ Henderson, Ricky Sprague, Tim Lasiuta, Trina Robbins, & Josh Vogt.

The Great Chicago Fire Conspiracy




An obsessed, twisted maniac targets the city of Chicago for destruction in retribution for the burning of Atlanta ten years earlier during the Civil War. But he has been hunted around the world by an ex-Union officer named Philip Avers who knows his true identity.

Both men converge on the bustling metropolis on a hot summer night of 1871 as the Arsonist sets his plans in motion, Avers is too late to stop him. Now, with the help of a Chicago Tribune reporter names Richard Cromie, Avers will race through a fiery hell on earth to capture the fiend and bring him to justice. But only if he and Cromie can survive the holocaust themselves.

Writers George Tackes spins an incredible tale set against the background of one of the greatest tragedies in the history of America. Artist Gary Kato provides the interior illustration with artist Chris Rawding handling the amazing cover.

“It’s not often I see a first novel this exciting and well written,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Combining both elements of pure pulp action and history. Tackes delivers on all fronts.”


Available now from Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle

Pulp AdventureCon Coming Soon!

Pulp Adventurecon
Bordentown, New Jersey
November 6, 2021
Dealers with all sorts of vintage treasures — pulp magazines, golden & silver age comic books, movie memorabilia and more — have claimed 24 tables at our forthcoming New Jersey event. That leaving 16 remaining in our dealer area. With less than seven weeks to go, it looks as though we’ll have a full dealer room. We’ll observe all local Covid-19 precautionary mandates — that will include having masks, hand-sanitizer, and plastic gloves on-hand.

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Additions to the Vintage Vault
Railroad Stories, Oct. 1932
Railroad Stories, July 1933
Railroad Stories, Dec. 1932
Famous Detective, June 1955
F.B.I. Detective, April 1950
Fifteen Western Tales, April 1955
We have added 20 issues of Railroad Stories to the Vintage Vault section, along with other miscellaneous items. We have to clear space on our bookcases for future acquisitions, so we’ll post more items over the next several weeks.
Department of Humility

Apparently, having run out of qualified candidates, this year’s Munsey Award was bestowed upon Bold Venture’s Rich Harvey. The award, handed out in recognition of efforts to preserve and promote the pulp magazine hobby, was given to Rich at Pulpfest on Friday evening (August 20, 2021) in Mars, PA.
Photo by Lisa Kwaterski
Coming soon from Bold Venture Press
The Masked Rider #6
Benedict and Brazos #10
The Red Menace #2
Larry Kent: The Naked Curse

Bold Venture Press: Benedict & Brazos #9

Benedict and Brazos #9
The Living Legend by E. Jefferson Clay

The town of Glory was anything but glorious. It was actually a town filled with fear — fear of the wild Yellow House River bunch, and an outlaw gang led by Ben Hollister, a bad man they called the Living Legend for his gun-speed.Duke Benedict and Hank Brazos had no intention of buying into Glory’s troubles.

All they wanted was a lead on Bo Rangle — the man they were hunting, who had made off with $200,000 in stolen Confederate gold. But then a good man was shot dead by the Yellow House boys. That’s when Benedict pinned on the town marshal’s badge and together he and Brazos set about restoring law and order.

With the Yellow House gang dealt with, there was still the matter of Ben Hollister, and a schemer in the shadows saw to it that he and Benedict would eventually clash.

It was a showdown Benedict would have done anything to avoid. Because he and Holliday had once been friends. Holliday was the only man faster on the draw than Benedict. The Living Legend taught him everything he knew about guns, and how to use them. Now it looked like Holliday might teach Benedict how to die!
Benedict and Brazos #9
The Benedict and Brazos series
#7: Fool’s Frontier
#8: A Sixgun Says Goodbye
#1: Aces Wild
#2: A Badge for Brazos
#3: The Big Ranchero
#4: Stage to Nowhere
#5: Adios, Bandido!
#6: Cry Riot!
Paul Wheelahan, author
Under the names Emerson Dodge, Brett McKinley, E. Jefferson Clay, Ben Jefferson and others, Paul Whellahan penned more than 800 westerns. At his peak, he could write a full-length western in four days. Later in his career, he also wrote tv-scripts. Read more about Wheelahan here.
Coming Soon from Bold Venture Press
Masked Rider Western #6

Bold Venture Press announces Pulp Adventures #39

Pulp Adventures #39Audrey Parente, editor
Pulp Adventures #39 – $9.95

This issue focuses on Doc Savage, with special emphasis on Steve Holland, the great artist model who portrayed Doc on paperback covers for three decades.First, Will Murray traces The Batman’s origins, demonstrating how the character was influenced by both The Shadow and Zorro. Of particular focus is the crossover stories DC Comics published in the 1970s, wherein Manhattan’s Man of Mystery and The Dark Knight actually cross paths, in two different issues of Batman.

Next, Laurie Powers (author of Daisy Bacon: Queen of the Pulps) interviews Will Murray regarding his journey from being a Doc Savage fan to becoming the author. Will describes his early involvement with the Doc Savage series, and the arc of the Wild Adventures series.Steve Holland: The World’s Greatest Illustration Art Model documents the career of the man who posed as Doc Savage for illustrator James Bama, Bob Larkin, and Joe DeVito. But Holland wasn’t just the Man of Bronze — he posed for numerous important illustrators as The Avenger, The Spider, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, and as various soldiers, cops and criminals for thousands of mens adventure magazines.

Michael Stradford, author of the new book, discusses the actor-turned-model, his life and career, and the importance of Holland’s lasting influence on commercial art.

Also in this issue:
David Goudsward discuss the background of Henry S. Whitehead’s story “The Love Philtre” (written as Casimir Dren), accompanying a reprint of the story.
O. Henry’s stories became the gold standard for short story authors in America, and around the world. This issue features his pulp tales “Witch’s Loaves” (from The Argosy, March 1904) and “The Venturers” (originally published in Everybody’s Magazine, October 1909). 
William Nadel, editor of Thirty by O. Henry, provides notes on O. Henry and the stories.

Classic pulp fiction:
Door of Doom by Charles Boeckman
Calculated Nightmare by John Burke
Witches’ Loaves by O. Henry
The Venturers by O. Henry
The Love Philtre by Henry S. Whitehead

New pulp fiction:
Jake’s Close Shave by Brian Beatty
Djinn and Tonic by Teel James Glenn
Evil Forces by Gary Lovisi
Red’s Chapel by Charles Burgess
The Making of a Pirate by Adam McFarlane

Click here to get your copy now!


Terror knows no boundaries, especially when brothers must fight their own to survive.The crew of K-389 cannot face the horrific, unnatural truth. Blood-drained bodies, crewmates stricken with rabid madness, and shared dreams of a redheaded woman all provide glaring clues. The longer the command seeks an orthodox explanation, the deeper the crew descends into chaos.

Only when Mikhail Koryavin survives a vampire attack does he put the pieces together. He must recruit brave believers to save their ship. As the crew dwindles and the vampire ranks swell, questions more dangerous arise. Who accepts an invitation to join the undead? Who feasts on his brothers-in-arms without remorse? What will they do with a submarine armed for Armageddon?

Order today for the October 1, 2021 release!