Moonstone News: Kolchak 50th, Lone Ranger, Xal-Kor

We are launching a very special Kickstarter campaign for the all new
KOLCHAK 50th Anniversary graphic novel!

Contributions from: Peter David, Nancy Collins, Kim Newman, Rodney Barnes, Jonathan Maberry, Jerry Ordway, David Avallone, and more!Follow the campaign (cut & paste) here:
For more on the campaign (cut & paste):

**As a reminder, orders can only be paid for using Paypal, or going through Paypal with your credit card. Thank you!

Moonstone Triple Threat Nov ’21: includes a new RANGER story by James Reasoner, the FIRST appearance of Nancy Holder & Alan Phillipson’s JOHNNY FADE, and GOLDEN AMAZON/GLADIATOR by Mike Bullock!For Triple Threat shortcut:
The Return of Xal-Kor, the Human Cat!A one shot combo of comics and illustrated fiction by Gary Phillips!For XAL-Kor shortcut:
Previous New ReleasesThe GREEN HORNET: How Sweet the Stingwritten by Jim BeardA new (prose)novella: ex soldier falls in with wrong crowd, gets sent packing by the Green Hornet, and ends up…falling in love with Miss case?ALSO available as a HC!
LIONS,TIGERS, & BEARS! exclusive very Limited Edition HC: All of the critically acclaimed, all ages comic series written by Mike Bullock in one big tome! NEVER collected into one volume before!
KOLCHAK & the Night Stalkers: Partners in Crimenew edition of the first time team up prose novella by CJ Henderson!Brand new cover by Glenn Ostrander and a new Kolchak short story that never made it into the original volume! Featuring: Kolchak, Pat Novak, Johnny Dollar, Blackshirt, Mr Keen, and more!
Moonstone TRIPLE THREAT:brand new prose tales of Airboy, Senorita Scorpion, and a new character Bambi Forest! auhors: Jeff Limke, Danielle Delisle, & Thea Hutcheson.
Moonstone KGB NOIR HC:This exclusivevolume collects the six back up comic features for the Phantom Noir mini series. Stories include: Kolchak, Captain Action, Domino Lady and more.THANK YOU!!

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