Who’s Who in New Pulp Hits The Stands!

WHO’S WHO in NEW PULP is now available at Amazon. Here are 222 bios of the finest New Pulp writers, artists, reviewers, editors and publishers. All proceeds from sale of the book to go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Note – all participants can purchase copies directly from Rob Davis – Art Director Airship 27 Production.

Thanks to all who helped make this book possible.
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Black Bat & Domino Lady: Danger – Coast to Coast!


Black Bat & Domino Lady: DANGER – COAST TO COAST GN

Writer: Ron Fortier

Artist: Silvestre Szilagyi, & more

Cover: Doug Klauba

160pgs, 7” x 10” squarebound, b/w, $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-944017-20-01599

Over 100pgs of NEW comic stories, plus collecting the 3 issues of Guns of the Black Bat.

In part one, the Black Bat must stop a horrendous alien caused plague from destroy the city he loves. To help him in this fierce battle, he enlists a company of amazing heroes. For the first time ever, in one adventure: Phantom Detective, I.V. Frost, Domino Lady, Airboy, the Golden Amazon, Nighthawk, Jim Anthony Super-Detective, and Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord.

In part two, the Black Bat, with the help of Dan Fowler G-Man, takes down a powerful New York Crime Boss while at the same time, out in Hollywood, Domino Lady is after a jewel thief and a corrupt politician with the help of I.V. Frost.

Spicy Pulp #1 OUT NOW!

After 3 years of determination and 240-pages of hard work, you can now buy Spicy Pulp #1 from Heavy Metal and Virus Comics. More issues coming as soon as the new covers are done. This is the new cover featuring Lady Redbeard by Alessio Nocerino and Sean Forney

High adventure on the high seas turns into an interdimensional trip through the unknown as the dread pirate, Lady Charlotte Redbeard, and her salty crew battle the British Royal Navy, zombie dinosaurs, time lost astronauts, and encounter a flying city full of sensual women. Writer JUSTIN GRAY (Jonah Hex, Random Acts of Violence) and artist DIEGO GUERRA (Mental Cases, The Island) bring the first issue of SPICY PULP an Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy comic featuring Lady Redbeard in part one of a two-part story spanning 60-pages. The issue also features two standalone short sci-fi stories Letters from Sanctuary City illustrated by (António Brandão) and The Warmaker by illustrated by (Aleksandar Božić Ske) about the distant and not too distant future.

Writer: Justin Gray
Artist: Diego Guerra
Artist: António Brandão
Artist: Aleksandar Božić Ske
also Slamet Mujiono

56 Page Graphic Novel

Check out the free preview here from First Comics.

Bloodscreams #9: Vampire Babies

Bold Venture PressAnother adventure of Abraham Stroud, Vampire-hunter, corporate CEO and archaeologist! He’s a cross between Elon Musk and T. E. Lawrence — but he’s also a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. In Robert W. Walker’s new novel, Stroud continues the family business of destroying monsters threatening humanity.

No bond is stronger than that of mother and child … except, perhaps, the hunger for human flesh — and a thirst for human blood which can never be quenched. When little monsters awaken, deprived of sustenance and mother, there will be Hell to pay.

An archaeological dig unearths the slumbering vampire babies, which cry out for mother … and food. It’s no coincidence the dig’s leader is Abraham Stroud — scientist, CEO, archaeologist, and vampire hunter. A direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, his life’s work is rooting out unholy evil and destroying it. This nest represents a missed opportunity by his predecessor. Stroud is ready to finish Van Helsing’s work, but the vampire babies don’t know fear … and they are born with the kill instinct embedded in their pestilent DNA …

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Adam T Bennet Pulps Holds Father’s Day sale!

Adam T Bennett Pulps giving away pulp fiction for FREE!

Give your dad some great new reading material this weekend!

In an effort to get more pulps in front of more readers, Adam T Bennett Pulps will release Book Two as a FREE PDF on June 21st!

The publisher is also offering Book One absolutely free that day in honor of Father’s Day.



Graham Nolan’s Chenoo!

June 1- Legendary Batman artist and co-creator of the iconic Batman villain, BANE, Graham Nolan has revived his publishing company COMPASS COMICS with their first outing: THE CHENOO!


THE CHENOO is a straight up horror tale of a creature that comes off the ice during epic blizzards to feed on the hearts of its victims in a vain effort to recapture the warmth it can never have. 

The project is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo with an opportunity for fans to become a part of the story with two different PERK LEVELS.

• VICTIM: Your name and likeness will be used as a character in the story. Graham guarantees a bloody death at the hands of the Chenoo for you!

• SURVIVOR: Not only will your name and likeness be used but you will be a regular character in the story and survive the onslaught!

“I want comics to be more interactive between the fans and the creator so I thought this would be a cool thing to do and give them a chance to be a part of the story”, Nolan says.

No stranger to creator-owned projects, Nolan has, in the past, created MONSTER ISLAND, RETURN TO MONSTER ISLAND and JOE FRANKENSTEIN but “After playing in the corporate sandboxes for over 35 years, I felt is was time to jump into the creator owned pool with both feet”.