DOMINO PATRICK : daughter of the Domino Lady

Edited by: David Boop & Nancy Holder

6” x 9”, 210pgs, $13.99

ISBN: 978-1-944017-98-91399

Domino Patrick, the daughter of the original Domino Lady, takes over for her mom in the swingin’ sixties as a Private Eye. Be it drugs, human trafficking, or unsolved Hollywood murders, Domino will use her guile and skills to track her prey from the shadows to Rodeo Drive. Nothing stops her when she’s on assignment, and nothing keeps her from a good time, afterward. She is her mother’s daughter, after all!

Action, adventure, and mystery abound in these ALL NEW tales of Domino and her dog “Lady”!

Plus a full length team up with The Green Hornet!

Stories by: Dan Johnson, David Boop, Michael A. Black, Mel Odom, Colin B. Harvey, CJ Henderson, Ricky Sprague, Tim Lasiuta, Trina Robbins, & Josh Vogt.

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