Bold Venture Press: Benedict & Brazos #9

Benedict and Brazos #9
The Living Legend by E. Jefferson Clay

The town of Glory was anything but glorious. It was actually a town filled with fear — fear of the wild Yellow House River bunch, and an outlaw gang led by Ben Hollister, a bad man they called the Living Legend for his gun-speed.Duke Benedict and Hank Brazos had no intention of buying into Glory’s troubles.

All they wanted was a lead on Bo Rangle — the man they were hunting, who had made off with $200,000 in stolen Confederate gold. But then a good man was shot dead by the Yellow House boys. That’s when Benedict pinned on the town marshal’s badge and together he and Brazos set about restoring law and order.

With the Yellow House gang dealt with, there was still the matter of Ben Hollister, and a schemer in the shadows saw to it that he and Benedict would eventually clash.

It was a showdown Benedict would have done anything to avoid. Because he and Holliday had once been friends. Holliday was the only man faster on the draw than Benedict. The Living Legend taught him everything he knew about guns, and how to use them. Now it looked like Holliday might teach Benedict how to die!
Benedict and Brazos #9
The Benedict and Brazos series
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#4: Stage to Nowhere
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Paul Wheelahan, author
Under the names Emerson Dodge, Brett McKinley, E. Jefferson Clay, Ben Jefferson and others, Paul Whellahan penned more than 800 westerns. At his peak, he could write a full-length western in four days. Later in his career, he also wrote tv-scripts. Read more about Wheelahan here.
Coming Soon from Bold Venture Press
Masked Rider Western #6

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