Bobby Nash’s Snow Star Now Available on Audio

SNOW STAR now available on Audio!
When film and television star, Miranda Shake, star of the hit international TV series, The New Adventures of Amazing Woman dies under mysterious tragic circumstances, Abraham Snow’s world crumbles. The police rule it a suicide, but Snow is convinced she was murdered and sets out to find who killed his friend and why. Snow Star is the 5th book in the award-nominated hit SNOW series written by Bobby Nash and published by BEN Books. The audio book is narrated by the amazing Stuart Gauffi. Cover art by Dennis Calero. Who Killed Amazing Woman ad by Jeffrey Hayes.

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IN THE WIND by Bobby Nash

Sheriff Tom Myers Returns! In The Wind by Author Bobby Nash now available from Ben Books! Cover art and design by Jeffrey Hayes.
A MISSING FEDERAL WITNESS IS ON THE RUN IN SOMMERSVILLE! Sheriff Tom Myers returns in an all-new mystery series from BEN Books and author Bobby Nash. Originally appearing in Nash’s first published novel, EVIL WAYS, the fan-favorite Sheriff Myers and his deputies returned in the novel DEADLY GAMES! Now, at long last, Tom Myers is back in his own series of mystery/thrillers beginning with IN THE WIND.

When a secret joint FBI/US Marshal safehouse in Sommersville, Georgia is attacked, federal witness Bates Hewell flees custody in the confusion and heads for the hills. The authorities descend on the county in search of their prize witness, now classified as “In the Wind!” The FBI and US Marshals Service are convinced that their material witness is hiding out in the wilds of undeveloped Sommersville County, an area with its own set of laws and rules. Can local sheriff, Tom Myers find him and bring him in before a band of hired killers do?

Tom Myers’ story began in EVIL WAYS and continued in DEADLY GAMES! but the Sommersville sheriff’s adventures are far from over. Sheriff Tom Myers returns in IN THE WIND, the first in a new series of mystery/thriller novellas from award-winning author Bobby Nash and BEN Books. Snow’s FBI Agent Tom “Mac” McClellan guest stars in this story.

In The Wind – A Tom Myers Mystery is available at the following retailers:
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In the Wind is available now! You can read it for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. There is also an audio book in pre-production.

Welcome to EL’ARIS!




Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of a new science-fiction action adventure novel by Wayne Carey; “EL’ARIS.”

After the planet El’aris was first discovered, human colonists enslaved the alien Tz-en. Then they mined the world’s natural resources for themselves. Eventually the Tz-en organized a rebellion with the help of paid intergalactic mercenaries, among which were Tony Michaels and Jon Perry. With the financial backing of the powerful star-spanning Deltan Technologies, they were victorious. 

Ten years later, Michaels is summoned back to El’aris. Now it is the Tz-zen who rule with an iron fist subjugating the human Elarans. A desert tribe known as the Skir’ka has begun terrorist attacks on the major trade centers and Deltan Tech wants him to find and kill their leader. His name is Jon Perry.

“Wayne Carey’s new book is like a trip back in time,” says Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “It recalls the late 60s and early 70s when Ace and Daw paperbacks dominated the spinner racks. Month after month some of the finest science-fiction books were offered by such luminaries as Andre Norton, E.C. Tubb, A.E. Van Vogt, Frederick Pohl, Arthur C. Clark, Isaac Asimov and so-so many more.”

Fortier recalls his teen years devouring those action adventure space operas. “Carey has captured the enthusiasm and magic of those galactic settings with fascinating aliens and truly memorable new worlds.” Artist James Lyle provides the black and white interior illustrations and Ted Hammond the cover with Art Director Rob Davis assembling the package. “This is the first in a new series,” Fortier concludes, “and we can promise our readers one hell of a fun sci-fi ride.”


Available now from Amazon in both paperback and on Kindle.

BROTHER BONES – Tales of Cape Noire


BROTHER BONES – Tales of Cape Noire

Airship 27 Production is thrilled to announce the release of “Brother Bones – Tales of Cape Noire” fifth in the bestselling series by writer/editor Ron Fortier. Only this time Fortier has brought a few friends along to play in his pulp sandbox.

Cape Noire is a bustling, commercial seaport on the northwest coast. It is also an urban jungle where over a million souls reside. Among these are monsters both human and supernatural. Keeping them in check is the skull masked Brother Bones, the Undead Avenger. In this new collection of tales, writers Fred Adams Jr., Andy Fix and Drew Meyer join creator Ron Fortier in presenting the next chapter in Hell’s own backyard.

“The idea for this book came about a few years ago,” Fortier reports. “Several colleagues mentioned the fact that after four books, comics and a RPG game module, many of the supporting characters I’d created showed tons of potential for their own adventures. Realizing that might work, I reached out to my three amigos and asked if each would like to take on one of these figures in a new story. This book is the result of their overwhelmingly happy replies.”

Dr. Bugosi, the Mad Scientist of Cape Noire is dead and Harry Beest, the gorilla mobster, is assailed on all fronts as he tries to salvage the dead man’s journals. Meanwhile the sexy vampire, Sister Blood encounters a creature descended of island magic while trying to save a friend. At the same time Lt. Dan Rains hunts a kidnapped girl amidst a bloody gang war that threatens to flood in streets in blood.

Here is a mash-up of action, adventure and horror as only the saga of Brother Bones can provide. “Tales of Cape Noire” is a quartet of fevered nightmares you will not soon forget. Pulp Factory Award winning Art Director Rob Davis provides the interior illustrations and artist Michael Stribling provided the stunning cover.

Available now from Amazon in both paperback & on Kindle.

New Sgt. Janus OUT NOW!

For Immediate Release

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! The train is now at the station and the Dark Track awaits you! Flinch Books announces the first new Sgt. Janus tale in three years! SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK is available in paranormal paperback and eerie e-book!

Who Rides the Dark Track?

Returning on a cross-country train trip from a prestigious speaking engagement with his occult-minded colleagues, Sgt. Janus encounters one of the most haunting, most dangerous spirits of his career—and must deal with his abject failure to contain it.

To fight this prevailing evil and save the life—indeed, the very soul—of an innocent young woman, the famous Spirit-Breaker must consider taking a desperate path, one he possessed no previous knowledge of despite his vast experience with the supernatural. He must take the Dark Track.

Only hinted at in the tomes in Janus’ occult library, the Dark Track is not to be ridden lightly, and in fact threatens to alter its passengers beyond recognition. Join the sergeant and his intrepid companion Valerie as he pushes all his doubts and fears aside and makes a momentous decision—to forget all he knows and everything he’s learned to confront the darkness in an entirely new way.

SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK is the long-awaited third volume in the adventures of the groundbreaking character who’s breathed new life into the classic occult detection fiction form. The train will soon be leaving the station…do you dare to get on board?

While you don’t have to read the previous Sgt. Janus stories to enjoy SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK, it would only add to your enjoyment if you did. You can find the first two novels here:

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Who’s Who in New Pulp Hits The Stands!

WHO’S WHO in NEW PULP is now available at Amazon. Here are 222 bios of the finest New Pulp writers, artists, reviewers, editors and publishers. All proceeds from sale of the book to go to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Note – all participants can purchase copies directly from Rob Davis – Art Director Airship 27 Production.

Thanks to all who helped make this book possible.
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Black Bat & Domino Lady: Danger – Coast to Coast!


Black Bat & Domino Lady: DANGER – COAST TO COAST GN

Writer: Ron Fortier

Artist: Silvestre Szilagyi, & more

Cover: Doug Klauba

160pgs, 7” x 10” squarebound, b/w, $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-944017-20-01599

Over 100pgs of NEW comic stories, plus collecting the 3 issues of Guns of the Black Bat.

In part one, the Black Bat must stop a horrendous alien caused plague from destroy the city he loves. To help him in this fierce battle, he enlists a company of amazing heroes. For the first time ever, in one adventure: Phantom Detective, I.V. Frost, Domino Lady, Airboy, the Golden Amazon, Nighthawk, Jim Anthony Super-Detective, and Ki-Gor the Jungle Lord.

In part two, the Black Bat, with the help of Dan Fowler G-Man, takes down a powerful New York Crime Boss while at the same time, out in Hollywood, Domino Lady is after a jewel thief and a corrupt politician with the help of I.V. Frost.

Spicy Pulp #1 OUT NOW!

After 3 years of determination and 240-pages of hard work, you can now buy Spicy Pulp #1 from Heavy Metal and Virus Comics. More issues coming as soon as the new covers are done. This is the new cover featuring Lady Redbeard by Alessio Nocerino and Sean Forney

High adventure on the high seas turns into an interdimensional trip through the unknown as the dread pirate, Lady Charlotte Redbeard, and her salty crew battle the British Royal Navy, zombie dinosaurs, time lost astronauts, and encounter a flying city full of sensual women. Writer JUSTIN GRAY (Jonah Hex, Random Acts of Violence) and artist DIEGO GUERRA (Mental Cases, The Island) bring the first issue of SPICY PULP an Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy comic featuring Lady Redbeard in part one of a two-part story spanning 60-pages. The issue also features two standalone short sci-fi stories Letters from Sanctuary City illustrated by (António Brandão) and The Warmaker by illustrated by (Aleksandar Božić Ske) about the distant and not too distant future.

Writer: Justin Gray
Artist: Diego Guerra
Artist: António Brandão
Artist: Aleksandar Božić Ske
also Slamet Mujiono

56 Page Graphic Novel

Check out the free preview here from First Comics.

Bloodscreams #9: Vampire Babies

Bold Venture PressAnother adventure of Abraham Stroud, Vampire-hunter, corporate CEO and archaeologist! He’s a cross between Elon Musk and T. E. Lawrence — but he’s also a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. In Robert W. Walker’s new novel, Stroud continues the family business of destroying monsters threatening humanity.

No bond is stronger than that of mother and child … except, perhaps, the hunger for human flesh — and a thirst for human blood which can never be quenched. When little monsters awaken, deprived of sustenance and mother, there will be Hell to pay.

An archaeological dig unearths the slumbering vampire babies, which cry out for mother … and food. It’s no coincidence the dig’s leader is Abraham Stroud — scientist, CEO, archaeologist, and vampire hunter. A direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, his life’s work is rooting out unholy evil and destroying it. This nest represents a missed opportunity by his predecessor. Stroud is ready to finish Van Helsing’s work, but the vampire babies don’t know fear … and they are born with the kill instinct embedded in their pestilent DNA …

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