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Athena Voltaire Boards the Orient Express!

-For Immediate Release-

February 12, 2021

Athena Voltaire Boards the Orient Express!

The critically-acclaimed 1930s adventuress returns in an all-new graphic novel. 

Globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire is accustomed to rapid-fire adventures that take her to every continent, but what happens when she finds herself trapped aboard the famous luxury train as a creature stalks and kills the passengers?

“The adventure is a bit of a departure for the series,” says series creator/writer/artist Steve Bryant. “Athena is used to following clues around the world to try and stop some kind of apocalyptic event. This time, she’s on the train to catch up with an old friend, and a mysterious nemesis has brought the apocalyptic event to her. It’s been fun to play with the structure of this story, combining elements of a whodunit with a dash of claustrophobic horror from movies like Alien or The Thing.”

The creator is partnered with artist Abel Cicero and colorist DC Alonso. Bryant contributes additional art, along with Unai Ortiz, Juanma Aguilara, Jason Millet, Jim Nelson, Jun Bob Kim, and Gary Carbon. Editors Chris Murrin and Nicole D’Andria round out the team. “While I in grad school, Action Lab kept the series rolling, pairing me with some exceptional artists while I wrote, drew covers, and provided additional art here and there,” says Bryant. “I’m excited for this volume to see the light of day, and equally excited to get back to drawing Athena in our next volume!” 

The campaign reached its funding goal on its third day, and has continued to unlock Stretch Goals, thanks, in part, to Kickstarter giving it the coveted Project We Love designation.

THE CATCH is “the freshest take on super-heroes and super-villains in the ‘real world’ since POWERS,” says Phil Hester.   

Beau Smith (writer/creator: Wyonna Earp) finds Athena Voltaire to have “enough butt kickin’ to keep a boot factory in business for life,” and says that “Athena Voltaire is your ticket to clobberin’ evil.”

“If loving Athena is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” says Mike W. Barr (co-creator/writer: The Maze Agency, Camelot 3000; writer: Batman, Detective Comics)

Javier Grillo-Marxuach (writer/producer: The Middleman, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Blood & Treasure) calls Athena Voltaire “…the next best thing to finding a trove of long-lost adventures from the 1930s.”

“You don’t just read this story, you practically fall into the panels and have the adventure with her.” says Tad Stones (creator: Darkwing Duck; producer: Hellboy Animated)

The Kickstarter campaign for ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE TERROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS concludes on February 25. 

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THE MUSKETEERS – New Adventures



THE MUSKETEERS – New Adventures

Airship 27 Production, one of the pioneers in New Pulp fiction, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest anthology. “The Musketeers – New Adventures.”

From the pages of Alexandre Dumas’ classic adventure novels come the Three Musketeers. The King of France’s personal Guard will pledge their loyalty to their country and themselves in their boisterous cry, “All for one and one for all!” Now these colorful characters are back. First we have Athos, the veteran soldier who lives with a broken heart. Then we have Aramis, the priest turned swordsman. Finally there is Porthos, the larger than life rascal with a giant appetite for food, women and adventure. All of them watching over their young protégé, the handsome and daring D’Artagnan.

In two fast paced action tales and one thrilled packed novella, these four famous heroes are back to thrill and excite new readers. From Italy, to Spain and then the new world of Canada, these men will take on any and all villainy as only they can. New Pulp scribes Joel Jenkins, Paul Beale and Alan J. Porter deliver three amazing tales continuing the exploits of Dumas’ cavalier musketeers.

“A tumultuous time in French history,” comments Airship 27 Production’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Filled with all manner of villains, swashbuckling heroes and beautiful ladies in distress. Here in these pages are Alexandre Dumas’ Musketeers once again ready to pledge their swords to God, King and Country.” Artist Ed Catto provides the stunning interior illustrations, Adam Shaw the action themed cover painting all assembled by Art Director Rob Davis.


Available now from Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.


You don’t want to miss Mark Allan Gunnells new book 2B!

“Love is a sick game where two people hurt each other, and in Mark Allan Gunnells’s 2B, that game doesn’t end with death. Raw, emotionally gritty, and atmospheric, 2B is another superb entry in Gunnells’s already outstanding oeuvre.” – Gabino Iglesias, author of Coyote Songs
New release February 13, 2021!“Mark Allan Gunnells is the new face of Horror. His work is beautifully written, yet gritty and shocking at the same time. He takes the reins and holds nothing back.” – Ryan Dunn“When your ex wants you dead, they will take you to the grave with them!” -2 B“Berkley Simmons died … for five minutes.Berkley woke up to find himself in the hospital. He discovered that his ex is dead after a failed murder/ suicide attempt. With nowhere else to go, Berkley must return to the apartment where it all happened.It doesn’t take long for Berkley to begin to suspect that his ex never left the apartment, and still wants him dead.”Pre-order available now!

Bold Venture Press: H.P. Lovecraft: Old World Footprints

This week:
H.P. Lovecraft leaves behind Old World FootprintsThree winner of Aces Wild (Benedict and Brazos #1)Old World Footprints by Cassie Symmes
Preface by H. P. Lovecraft (writing as Frank Belknap Long)Trade paper and hardcover
by Cassie Symmes
Preface by H.P. Lovecraft (ghosting for Frank Belknap Long); Edited and annotated by David Goudsward; Foreword by Bobby DerieIn 1928, Mrs. William B. Symmes gave her family and friends 300 copies of her 32-page travelogue. The book’s printer was amateur pressman W. Paul Cook and his Recluse Press imprint.

Her nephew, Frank Belknap Long, is credited for the preface, actually ghostwritten by H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft proofread the book, and may have edited it as well. The involvement of Cook, Long, and Lovecraft transforms an unremarkable travelogue by Cassie Symmes into one of the rarest of Lovecraft-related publications.

Bold Ventures Press presents a new edition, edited and annotated by Lovecraft scholar David Goudward. This edition is illustrated with photos and period postcards, and includes a foreword by pulp scholar Bobby Derie. See the new book here, available in trade paperback or handsome hardcover.Old World Footprints
David Goudsward is the author of H. P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley and 16 other books. He coordinated installation of a headstone for Charles W. “Tryout” Smith, Lovecraft correspondent and Amateur Journalism icon. David’s next book — Adventurous Liberation: H. P. Lovecraft in Florida is due in 2021 from Bold Venture Press.Benedict and Brazos #1: Aces Wild winnersThree fortunate people will receive copies of Benedict and Brazos#1: Aces Wild by E. Jefferson Clay (pseudonym of Paul Wheelahan).Paul Bishop, Camarillo, CAMichael Sigler, Prescott, AZRay Odiorne, Waterbury, CTAces Wild delivers action in spades, in the grand pulp fiction tradition. “The story races along in fine fashion,” writes James Reasoner, “with plenty of action and interesting twists…” Check out his review on the Rough Edges blog.

Congratulations, pardners!
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To Battle Beyond
Bloodscreams #7: Skitters
Forthcoming westerns from Bold Venture Press
#2: A Badge for Brazos
#3: The Big Ranchero
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Runemaster: Shield Maiden’s Blade OUT NOW!



RUNEMASTER – Shield Maiden’s Blade

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to present “RUNEMASTER – Shield Maiden’s Blade,” a classic sword and sorcery adventure by Mike Bullock. 

The greatest village in the northland of Njodica is that of Kirwall, led by the battle veteran known as the Runemaster. His son, Skarl hopes to one day take his place and possess the mystic Rune axe. But Skarl is falsely accused of a crime by a jealous warrior and cast out. Days later the same villain conspired with the Ysling, a bloodthirsty tribe bent on destroying Kirwall. What ensues is a massacre leaving all dead except for Skarl’s beloved, the fiery shield maiden Lucina.

Alone with only his courage and fighting skills, the young warrior sets off on an epic journey to save his beloved. Along the way he will encounter all manner of horrors, both human and animal, ready to end his life alone in the cold wilderness.

“Fans of Robert E. Howard are going to love this story,” says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “For a while now, lots of our readers have been wondering if we’d ever do fantasy sword and sorcery books. Well, at long last we found an exceptional manuscript in that genre worth our taking the plunge. Mike Bullock is one of the finest New Pulp scribes in the field and we are thrilled to be publishing this title.”

Artist Chris Nye provides the nine amazing black and white illustrations and painter Steve Otis the fantastic cover. All of which is assembled and presented by Pulp Factory Award winning Art Director Rob Davis. So grab your swords and shields and get ready for battle!


Available now at Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Click here to get your copy now!

Moonstone Pulp: Gentlemen Prefer Domino Lady

Gentlemen Prefer: DOMINO LADY prose anthology is now available!

A new collection of prose stories!

The sexiest and most elusive crime fighter of the all time teams up with: The Black Bat, The Phantom Detective, Zero, The Green Ghost, Secret Agent X, Ravenwood, and more. 198pgs.

Stories by: David Boop, Nancy Holder, Matthew Baugh, Chuck Miller, Bobby Nash, Adam Lance Garcia, Gene Moyers, Taylor Grant, Win Scott Eckert, Josh Vogt, andcover art by Alex Innocenti

Valhalla Books – January 2021 news

January 2021
I am really excited to share with you some updates we have going on here at Valhalla Books.

If you are new to our email list, thank you for being here. If you have been with me since the early days before I had an email list, thank you so much for hanging with me 🙂 

I don’t spam the emails, and I send out updates on books and author interviews.
Let me introduce myself as well while I am at it.

My name is Adam Messer, and I am an author, journalist, and radio show host. My goal is to share compelling stories people enjoy.

I started The Savannah Quill on May 13, 2016 as a way to connect writers and readers to promote literacy. Since then I have hosted conventions, author meet and greets, and the Books and Brews Savannah, which is a fundraising event where authors and I get together to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald Charities of the Coastal Empire. 

Our goal at Valhalla Books is to share compelling fiction people love reading. We are a new small print publishing company and our first book The Devil’s Due has received great reviews and write ups. I am working with fantastic authors who believe in our mission.

Thank you for being here and below are some announcements I hope you enjoy.

AdamCongratulations are in order for Author Mark Allan Gunnells for his upcoming supernatural ghost story being #8 in the Top 100 in Hot New Releases on Amazon! Way to go Mark!

“When your ex wants you dead, they will take you to the grave with them!” -2 B
When two passionate lovers fall out, the results can be deadly.
“Berkley Simmons died … for five minutes.

Berkley woke up to find himself in the hospital. He discovered that his ex is dead after a failed murder/ suicide attempt. With nowhere else to go, Berkley must return to the apartment where it all happened. It doesn’t take long for Berkley to begin to suspect that his ex never left the apartment, and still wants him dead.” launched Storytellers Mag this month and have been getting great feedback already. We would love to hear from you!
Podcast: Valhalla Books Podcast is a new weekly podcast with Co-Hosts Josh Vasquez and Adam Messer talking about the publishing process and their journey as accountability partners in writing. Patreon Link has changed. The new link is Devil’s Due ReviewsReader reviews on Amazon. Dark – Candace Nola’s write up about The Devil’s Due – Theweevildead’s review in ScareTissue magazine write up about The Devil’s Due. Fortier’s write up about The Devil’s Due


Airship 27 is thrilled to announce there release of volume 7 in its best-selling pirate queen saga, Jezebel Johnston by Nancy Hansen, “Mastiff.”

Stranded far from her Caribbean homeland, pirate Jezebel Johnston struggles to survive over the alien waters of the Barbary Coast. Through a strange twist of fate, she, and two other freed slaves, Zuri and Amaka, come under the protection of the famous Maratha Indian Warlord Shivaji Bhonsle. The soon to be Maharajah has a strong disdain for foreign interference in his country along with a unique respect for the faith of others and the intelligence of women.

Thus Jezebel and her sisters, feel a strong obligation to aid the famous war by volunteering to participate on one of his seagoing raids against the Mughal overlords. To do so, they will have to become spies, gather information on which ships are carrying what cargo and how best to take them.

It is a dangerous game, one Jezebel and her companions are aptly qualified for, their bravery mingled with their natural charms set into motion a daring seagoing assault that will have serious repercussions throughout the Indian world. 

“I’ve pretty much run out of words to describe how amazing this series is,” says Airship 27 Production Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Nancy saga is a sweeping, historically accurate adventure saga sure to entertain any lover of pirate lore. The action never stops and her characters are truly colorful rogues battling their ways across the seven seas.”

Pulp Factory Award Winning artist Rob Davis provides the 9 black and white interior illustrations and the amazing Adam Shaw the beautifully painted cover.


Available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.