Moonstone Books presents: The Green Hornet in Hornet’s Sting

A NEW Green Hornet tale! from author Jim Beard

When ex-Special Forces soldier Dane Knoble returns home from overseas, he finds his beloved city overrun by crime. With little or no prospects for his future, he joins a local mob as an enforcer, but an encounter with the infamous Green Hornet sends him hurtling into the hospital with a new mind-set. Dane begins to live a double life, one of crime at night, and honest work at the Daily Sentinel during the day, all to implement one simple, bold, and daring plan: Wipe out the Green Hornet! The one thing he never planned for, though, was falling in love with the beautiful secretary of the Sentinel‘s publisher.


PREORDER NOW! go to our PREORDER category @MOONSTONEBOOKS.COM . Order the paperback and the EXCLUSIVE HARD COVER! **As a reminder, orders can only be paid for using Paypal, or going through Paypal with your credit card. Thank you!

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