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The Land of Everlasting Gloom: Napoleon’s Vampire Hunters 3

Paris 1806: The terrible Ange and Jean Tenebre are back in Paris, on a rampage of blood and terror through the streets of Napoleonic France. The undead brothers, ghoul and vampire, are following the commands of Strix, a Satanic witch whose evil actions nearly brought down the Sun King, Louis XIV, decades earlier.

Pitted against these ancient monsters are swordmaster and vampire hunter, Jean-Pierre Séverin, the Exorcist Baron Franz Karnstein, the lovely swordswoman Sylvia Dardi, and a Thugee priestess from India, who has her own, secret agenda. Together, they must stop Strix and the Tenebre Brothers before they can reach the unfathomable, terrifying land known as Selene, the Vampire City…

Frank Schildiner is the author of the Napoleon’s Vampire Hunters series, three Frankenstein novels, Irma Vep and the Great Brain of Mars, and is a regular contributor to the popular TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN series. This novel, like its two predecessors, draws from characters created by legendary French author Paul Féval.


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Bass Reeves written by Kevin Grevioux. Pencils and Inks by David Williams. Colors by Kelsey Shannon. There is no law west of St. Louis, and no God west of Fort Smith.” So says Judge Isaac Parker. But “The Hanging Judge” will need a new breed of lawman to tame the badlands of the Oklahoma territories, a man who would walk into Hell to bring the law to the Devil himself. He needs Bass Reeves. Slave. Lawman. Legend. This is the true story of how the West was won.


SGT JANUS, SPIRIT-BREAKER offers a unique opportunity to learn the answer to this most perplexing of mysteries through a curious habit of the good sergeant: He requires his clients to document their adventures into the Unknown for his personal files.

In eight spine-tingling tales, Sgt. Janus opens up those records to reveal eight different perspectives of his Edwardian-era ghost-hunting operations. The result is an unprecedented window providing a close-up look at his techniques in breaking the bonds that hold malevolent spirits to the Earth and prevent them from vexing mere mortals.

Steel your nerves and pay close attention as you walk the path between our reality and the spirit world. You may find that the eight tales within this tome flow one into another until one overarching story emerges for your entertainment and enlightenment.


“You will do this, Comrade Captain,” Yehzov said in a strangled whisper, “or the torture you received from Commandant Blokhin will feel like the gentle caress from a lover.”

SOVIET UNION 1938: Army Captain and former military intelligence officer Konstantin Kalinin has a simple choice. Discover a high ranking traitor stationed on the Soviet/Japanese Asian border, or receive a slow death by torture. He has less than two months to untangle a web of deceit and death as two countries prepare for bloody war. Can Konstantin discover the double agent before the spy or the Soviet secret police capture or kill him?

Based on real events just prior to World War 2, THE KLAUS PROTOCOL is a mystery thriller set before the little known war between the Soviet Union and the Empire of Japan.