New Sgt. Janus OUT NOW!

For Immediate Release

ROLL UP! ROLL UP! The train is now at the station and the Dark Track awaits you! Flinch Books announces the first new Sgt. Janus tale in three years! SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK is available in paranormal paperback and eerie e-book!

Who Rides the Dark Track?

Returning on a cross-country train trip from a prestigious speaking engagement with his occult-minded colleagues, Sgt. Janus encounters one of the most haunting, most dangerous spirits of his career—and must deal with his abject failure to contain it.

To fight this prevailing evil and save the life—indeed, the very soul—of an innocent young woman, the famous Spirit-Breaker must consider taking a desperate path, one he possessed no previous knowledge of despite his vast experience with the supernatural. He must take the Dark Track.

Only hinted at in the tomes in Janus’ occult library, the Dark Track is not to be ridden lightly, and in fact threatens to alter its passengers beyond recognition. Join the sergeant and his intrepid companion Valerie as he pushes all his doubts and fears aside and makes a momentous decision—to forget all he knows and everything he’s learned to confront the darkness in an entirely new way.

SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK is the long-awaited third volume in the adventures of the groundbreaking character who’s breathed new life into the classic occult detection fiction form. The train will soon be leaving the station…do you dare to get on board?

While you don’t have to read the previous Sgt. Janus stories to enjoy SGT. JANUS ON THE DARK TRACK, it would only add to your enjoyment if you did. You can find the first two novels here:

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