Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the arrival of writer Fred Adams Jr.’s second Sam Dunne mystery, “Blood is the New Black.”

Musician Sam Dunne takes on a gig composing a musical score for a cheap, direct to cable slasher film called “Lake Deadly.” Much of the film is shot on location around a nearby lake and Dunne soon learns all is not as it seems among the cast and crew. Petty jealousies and hidden animosities threaten to derail the shooting.

What he doesn’t imagine is the murder of a young woman on camera. Someone purposely switched out the fake dagger with a real one and the girl’s throat is slashed in front of dozen of witnesses. All of it caught on camera.

Once again, Dunne finds himself caught up in a gruesome murder with more than enough suspects to satisfy any weary detective. Only this isn’t make believe and as he attempts to solve the mystery, he is well aware the unknown killer may strike again. All are suspects and possible victims at the same time.

“Writing teachers always tell their students, write what you know,” says Airship 27 Production Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Though, I personally don’t always agree with that rule, in writer Fred Adams Jr.’s case it bears mentioning.” A retired college teacher who taught fiction writing for many years, Adams also moonlighted as a musician playing with several rock and roll bands. “Fred brings authenticity to Sam Dunne’s world,” Fortier continues. “He’s lived it and it breathes on every single page of this new mystery. We think our readers are going appreciate that, especially those with a fondness for all kinds of music.”

Artist, Richard Jun, provides the nine black and white interior illustrations and the pulpish thriller cover was put together by Art Director Rob Davis.


Available in paperback from Amazon and soon on Kindle. 

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