Athena Voltaire Boards the Orient Express!

-For Immediate Release-

February 12, 2021

Athena Voltaire Boards the Orient Express!

The critically-acclaimed 1930s adventuress returns in an all-new graphic novel. 

Globetrotting aviatrix Athena Voltaire is accustomed to rapid-fire adventures that take her to every continent, but what happens when she finds herself trapped aboard the famous luxury train as a creature stalks and kills the passengers?

“The adventure is a bit of a departure for the series,” says series creator/writer/artist Steve Bryant. “Athena is used to following clues around the world to try and stop some kind of apocalyptic event. This time, she’s on the train to catch up with an old friend, and a mysterious nemesis has brought the apocalyptic event to her. It’s been fun to play with the structure of this story, combining elements of a whodunit with a dash of claustrophobic horror from movies like Alien or The Thing.”

The creator is partnered with artist Abel Cicero and colorist DC Alonso. Bryant contributes additional art, along with Unai Ortiz, Juanma Aguilara, Jason Millet, Jim Nelson, Jun Bob Kim, and Gary Carbon. Editors Chris Murrin and Nicole D’Andria round out the team. “While I in grad school, Action Lab kept the series rolling, pairing me with some exceptional artists while I wrote, drew covers, and provided additional art here and there,” says Bryant. “I’m excited for this volume to see the light of day, and equally excited to get back to drawing Athena in our next volume!” 

The campaign reached its funding goal on its third day, and has continued to unlock Stretch Goals, thanks, in part, to Kickstarter giving it the coveted Project We Love designation.

THE CATCH is “the freshest take on super-heroes and super-villains in the ‘real world’ since POWERS,” says Phil Hester.   

Beau Smith (writer/creator: Wyonna Earp) finds Athena Voltaire to have “enough butt kickin’ to keep a boot factory in business for life,” and says that “Athena Voltaire is your ticket to clobberin’ evil.”

“If loving Athena is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” says Mike W. Barr (co-creator/writer: The Maze Agency, Camelot 3000; writer: Batman, Detective Comics)

Javier Grillo-Marxuach (writer/producer: The Middleman, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Blood & Treasure) calls Athena Voltaire “…the next best thing to finding a trove of long-lost adventures from the 1930s.”

“You don’t just read this story, you practically fall into the panels and have the adventure with her.” says Tad Stones (creator: Darkwing Duck; producer: Hellboy Animated)

The Kickstarter campaign for ATHENA VOLTAIRE AND THE TERROR ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS concludes on February 25. 

Click here to check it out!

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