New Pulp Artist Howard Simpson Wins More Awards!

Arcadia Artist Wins Award for Illustration Work
ARCADIA, CA, May 10, 2021

Artist Howard Simpson has received the 2020 Pulp Factory Award for BEST PULP INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS  for his art on  the paperback novel “Bulldog Drummond: On Poisoned Ground.”

Published by Airship 27 Productions, the art is for the new pulp genre of publishing with full-page illustrations like those of the original pulps from the 30s and 40s. Cultural critic Michael A. Gonzales says, “New Pulp represents a way for 21st-century creators to update concepts of heroes, crime fiction and science fiction for a new audience. New Pulp doesn’t reject the “old,” but instead builds on those foundations while offering a fresh perspective. For me, New Pulp is a world unafraid of diversity, but still seeks truth, justice, and knocking the hell out of bad people.”

Simpson has been creating illustrations professionally since his college days.  His clients include Time Warner, Disney, Random House, Simon & Schuster, among others. He teaches digital art at Golden West College and previously taught comic book art at The Kubert School. He continues to provide illustrations for clients and self-publish his books. You may see his work at
Simpson recently completed drawings for a Bass Reeves anthology.

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