1. Moonstone TRIPLE THREAT Nov. 21

Written by: James Reasoner, Nancy Holder

Art: Jason Schaufele

Cover: Michael Stribling

6” x 9”, squarebound, prose, 86pgs, $7.99

UPC: 685239899986

NY Times best-selling author James Reasoner brings us a new LONE RANGER tale: a beautiful archaeologist races a gang of killers to find a legendary relic that leads to a lost treasure.

Double Stoker Award winner Nancy Holder & Alan Philipson intro Johnny FADE: a corrupt, dead Hollywood homicide detective stuck in the noir purgatory of Dead Town, crossing back over to Tinsel Town to solve cases for the living, and to find out how he can stay out of Hell.

Plus, the inspiration for Superman, Gladiator, appears in his first original tale (with Golden Amazon) by Phantom author Mike Bullock!

  1. XAL-KOR: The Return

Written by: Gary Phillips

Art: Jason Schaufele, James Burns

Cover: Jason Schaufele

7” x 10”, b/w, 40pgs, prose and comics, $4.50

UPC: 685239899979

XAL-KOR was created by Richard “Grass” Green, a pioneer in those days of fandom not only for giving us the Human Cat, but being back then one of, if not the only initially, African American producing work for the fanzines.  With his dynamic style clearly inspired by Jack “King” Kirby, Grass Green’s Xal-Kor was right out of a ‘70s Marvel Comics kind of superhero.

          This one-shot is about delivering adventure, while reminiscent of fandom’s Golden Age, but with a modernistic undercurrent.

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