Bloodscreams #9: Vampire Babies

Bold Venture PressAnother adventure of Abraham Stroud, Vampire-hunter, corporate CEO and archaeologist! He’s a cross between Elon Musk and T. E. Lawrence — but he’s also a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. In Robert W. Walker’s new novel, Stroud continues the family business of destroying monsters threatening humanity.

No bond is stronger than that of mother and child … except, perhaps, the hunger for human flesh — and a thirst for human blood which can never be quenched. When little monsters awaken, deprived of sustenance and mother, there will be Hell to pay.

An archaeological dig unearths the slumbering vampire babies, which cry out for mother … and food. It’s no coincidence the dig’s leader is Abraham Stroud — scientist, CEO, archaeologist, and vampire hunter. A direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, his life’s work is rooting out unholy evil and destroying it. This nest represents a missed opportunity by his predecessor. Stroud is ready to finish Van Helsing’s work, but the vampire babies don’t know fear … and they are born with the kill instinct embedded in their pestilent DNA …

Get your copy here.

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