Spicy Pulp #1 OUT NOW!

After 3 years of determination and 240-pages of hard work, you can now buy Spicy Pulp #1 from Heavy Metal and Virus Comics. More issues coming as soon as the new covers are done. This is the new cover featuring Lady Redbeard by Alessio Nocerino and Sean Forney

High adventure on the high seas turns into an interdimensional trip through the unknown as the dread pirate, Lady Charlotte Redbeard, and her salty crew battle the British Royal Navy, zombie dinosaurs, time lost astronauts, and encounter a flying city full of sensual women. Writer JUSTIN GRAY (Jonah Hex, Random Acts of Violence) and artist DIEGO GUERRA (Mental Cases, The Island) bring the first issue of SPICY PULP an Adult Sci-Fi Fantasy comic featuring Lady Redbeard in part one of a two-part story spanning 60-pages. The issue also features two standalone short sci-fi stories Letters from Sanctuary City illustrated by (António Brandão) and The Warmaker by illustrated by (Aleksandar Božić Ske) about the distant and not too distant future.

Writer: Justin Gray
Artist: Diego Guerra
Artist: António Brandão
Artist: Aleksandar Božić Ske
also Slamet Mujiono

56 Page Graphic Novel

Check out the free preview here from First Comics.

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