Airship 27 is thrilled to announce there release of volume 7 in its best-selling pirate queen saga, Jezebel Johnston by Nancy Hansen, “Mastiff.”

Stranded far from her Caribbean homeland, pirate Jezebel Johnston struggles to survive over the alien waters of the Barbary Coast. Through a strange twist of fate, she, and two other freed slaves, Zuri and Amaka, come under the protection of the famous Maratha Indian Warlord Shivaji Bhonsle. The soon to be Maharajah has a strong disdain for foreign interference in his country along with a unique respect for the faith of others and the intelligence of women.

Thus Jezebel and her sisters, feel a strong obligation to aid the famous war by volunteering to participate on one of his seagoing raids against the Mughal overlords. To do so, they will have to become spies, gather information on which ships are carrying what cargo and how best to take them.

It is a dangerous game, one Jezebel and her companions are aptly qualified for, their bravery mingled with their natural charms set into motion a daring seagoing assault that will have serious repercussions throughout the Indian world. 

“I’ve pretty much run out of words to describe how amazing this series is,” says Airship 27 Production Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Nancy saga is a sweeping, historically accurate adventure saga sure to entertain any lover of pirate lore. The action never stops and her characters are truly colorful rogues battling their ways across the seven seas.”

Pulp Factory Award Winning artist Rob Davis provides the 9 black and white interior illustrations and the amazing Adam Shaw the beautifully painted cover.


Available now at Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.

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