Valhalla Books – January 2021 news

January 2021
I am really excited to share with you some updates we have going on here at Valhalla Books.

If you are new to our email list, thank you for being here. If you have been with me since the early days before I had an email list, thank you so much for hanging with me 🙂 

I don’t spam the emails, and I send out updates on books and author interviews.
Let me introduce myself as well while I am at it.

My name is Adam Messer, and I am an author, journalist, and radio show host. My goal is to share compelling stories people enjoy.

I started The Savannah Quill on May 13, 2016 as a way to connect writers and readers to promote literacy. Since then I have hosted conventions, author meet and greets, and the Books and Brews Savannah, which is a fundraising event where authors and I get together to raise funds for the Ronald McDonald Charities of the Coastal Empire. 

Our goal at Valhalla Books is to share compelling fiction people love reading. We are a new small print publishing company and our first book The Devil’s Due has received great reviews and write ups. I am working with fantastic authors who believe in our mission.

Thank you for being here and below are some announcements I hope you enjoy.

AdamCongratulations are in order for Author Mark Allan Gunnells for his upcoming supernatural ghost story being #8 in the Top 100 in Hot New Releases on Amazon! Way to go Mark!

“When your ex wants you dead, they will take you to the grave with them!” -2 B
When two passionate lovers fall out, the results can be deadly.
“Berkley Simmons died … for five minutes.

Berkley woke up to find himself in the hospital. He discovered that his ex is dead after a failed murder/ suicide attempt. With nowhere else to go, Berkley must return to the apartment where it all happened. It doesn’t take long for Berkley to begin to suspect that his ex never left the apartment, and still wants him dead.” launched Storytellers Mag this month and have been getting great feedback already. We would love to hear from you!
Podcast: Valhalla Books Podcast is a new weekly podcast with Co-Hosts Josh Vasquez and Adam Messer talking about the publishing process and their journey as accountability partners in writing. Patreon Link has changed. The new link is Devil’s Due ReviewsReader reviews on Amazon. Dark – Candace Nola’s write up about The Devil’s Due – Theweevildead’s review in ScareTissue magazine write up about The Devil’s Due. Fortier’s write up about The Devil’s Due

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