Valhalla Books Heralds A New Daybreak!

Valhalla Books is excited to share for the first time ever award winning Author Josh Vasquez’s new book A New Daybreak is coming soon! You can check out the series on Amazon.

A New Daybreak
Go West. Less people, less zombies.
That was the lie that Jeremy Riggins and the group of survivors he was with believed would be their salvation.

Now, he found himself separated from his friends, their safe haven burnt to the ground, and the darkness of the zombie apocalypse setting in.

Reunited with his estranged father, Jeremy is reluctant to believe in the hope of the survivor’s colony in Savannah, GA. He and his band of survivors tried like hell to escape the zombie hordes in the city; he had no desire to go back.

But that’s the thing about Savannah. You can leave, but she’ll always find a way to bring you back.
In this third entry of the Savannah Zombie Series, pick up where A New Darkness left off and find out if Jeremy, Lexx, and Tori can find one another and survive A New Daybreak.
What people are saying about the first book in the Savannah Zombie Series, A New Death on Amazon:

“blood, guts, and lighthearted humor wrapped up in a sweet Savannah package”

“a character driven tale and it works well”

“I could not put this book down I think this is the fastest I’ve read a book”

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